A purpose built education for all the ‘Little People’

Pianta Sixth Form is a tuition centre that is dedicated to providing children (aged 6-18) with the right support to aid their education. Pianta Sixth Form is honoured to say that new students will receive a whole month of free tuition that will allow parents to decide whether Pianta Sixth Form is a suitable tuition for their child/children.

This is because Pianta Sixth Form is a company that intends to give back to the community through education. This month of free tuition will enable teachers to understand what level the student is at in regards to their chosen subject. Initial assessments when the student starts will provide a window into their current academic knowledge.


Our tuition centre has a very friendly environment.

Play Areas

Quality children play areas are outside the premises.


Our teachers’ qualification are assessed and reviewed.


In tutoring sessions – providing exactly what your child needs.


Our priority to balanced our team with experienced.


Every child learns in different way so our learning process.


Different by Design

We are providing teaching to 8-18 year olds education in the subjects of Maths, English, Science and ICT. This is from KS2 all the way to A-levels and we have tutors to support these students and give them time and support to answer their enquiries. We take pride in our hard work and the help we provide our students to gain the best of their abilities.

Fun and Interactive

Students are given pop quizzes to test their understanding also to make learning a fun and interactive thing to do. Students are encouraged to do more learning as the winner of quizzes would get a certificate and this would encourage other students to work harder to get certificates.

Diverse and Multicultural

Pianta Sixth Form tuition centre is a diverse and multicultural tuition with tutors from different ethnic backgrounds. This allows students to make friends with other students and can be a fun learning environment and prevents any prejudices. Also, tuition would a way for some students to come out of their shell and experience friendship in a partnership of education.

Monitoring Improvement

We are consistently monitoring our pupil’s improvement and push them to work their hardest to gain above and beyond and also make them the top in their school studies. We provide students with homework, which are assessed by the tutors and given feedback straight away.

Your Children

Successful learning requires your child’s full cooperation, and that’s only going to happen if the Pianta Sixth Form Tuition Centre experience is enjoyable. For younger students, we make sure learning is fun – entertainment is built into all our primary learning modules. For older students, it’s less about fun and more about keeping things stimulating and interesting.

  • Needs to increase skills
  • Finds the discipline of homework hard going or needs homework help
  • Wants to get into or stay in the top group and feels a tutor will help
  • Needs a confidence boost before moving to a new school or sitting exams
  • Has clear strengths, but also has weaknesses
  • Classrooms are fully furnished with tables, chairs
  • Every teacher will have 3-4 students per session to ensure students receive a sufficient amount of attention
  • Classrooms will be vibrant and colourful so it can provide a positive setting for the students to learn in
  • A canteen where all students are able to purchase drinks and snacks
  • There will be sofas where students can relax during their breaks
  • Students can also bring their own food to eat in the canteen
  • There will be a separate room for staff to relax during the breaks
  • A locker for each staff member to put their personal belongings in